Holding On

It seems like everyday i'm holding on for my dear life
and everyday i have to keep up a fight.
a fight that keeps me alive
not happy
but alive
so many nights have i cried
so many nights i wished i'd die.
i'm not sucidial but i hold the question why
what's the point in living, if i don't feel alive?
everything i know is gone
and no one seems to care
and some days i wonder what it would be like
if i was no longer here.
would anyone on this earth even care?
i'm trapped in a puddle of sorrow
deep as the ocean blue
i tell myself to hold on 4 me
because oneday my misery is due...
and today this poem is all that
i have
it is a reminder of my struggles
and for this i am glad.

by CTR 2005

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nice, i liked it it is how i feel sometimes