Holding On Forever

Poem By marty watts

It hurts so bad, I feel so sad
Thinking about the love we have
Your everything I’ll ever need
You’re the ghost that haunts my dreams
It seems to me an eternity
Since the day you looked at me
Those eyes they peer at me
They look at me they set me free
From the chains that hold me tight
Through my blindness you’ve given me
Sight, it’ll be alright
As long as we holdings long as we keep fighting
As long as we stay strong
It doesn’t matter what they say
And if it did it doesn’t matter
Cause I love you that’s all that
Without you my heart would shatter
One thing that you can count on
Is I’ll be there waiting forever
Until the day that we can
Finally be together
Never say never
Remember my words
I know sometimes this shit can hurt
So depressed so confused
Feeling like there’s nothing to loose
But don’t forget when your upset
I’ll be here to wipe those tears
To hold you to me so very near
Near and dear to my heart
But of course you’ve known that
From the start
And even though were apart
You’ll always be close to me
that’s why your love has set me
Free cant you see what the
Hell your doing to me? You make
Me feel more than me like
something more then eyes can
See like something lost In the
Moment something you cant
Touch but wish that you can
Hold it I only hope that you
Can know if you hold on I
Wont let go we’ll make it work
Somehow someway if we make
It through tonight tomorrows
A brighter day I only wish
That I can sat exactly how I
Feel but there’s no way to
Explain this love that I conceal
Just know this it is there
Know that when I breathe I wish
You could be my air and I
don’t care about anyone else
I’ve never felt the way I do
Now so as long as I’m alive
As long as I have breathe
I’ll hold on to you my love until
There’s nothing less
Until the day that time stands still
I’ll love you like no one will
And still there’s so much more
Saying everything I didn’t say before
My love mi amour
The girl of my dreams walking
Out the door haunting my thoughts
Controlling my mind looking in
Your eyes searching for a sight
That will let me know that your
Mine for all time until there’s
Nothing in the world just you
And me my baby girl so just
Hold on please don’t let go
Just say yes please don’t say no!

Comments about Holding On Forever

dont worry sweety i'll allways be holdin on to you! love you!

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