Holding You Through The Night

How I would love to be with you
as you were curled up in my arms and we snuggled tight.
I would just hold you close as we softly spoke
all the while I stroked your gorgeous hair
and rubbed your aching back.
I'd love to be holding you through this entire night
knowing that you're right there within my arms
and me assuring you everything will be alright.
I'm dreaming of being with my Angel who's my gorgeous girl
and holding you so very loving and very caring tight.

Sweet one feel me there beside you as in spirit
I so lovingly and adoringly wrap my arms around you,
always remember that I'm your faithful Michael
and I will be only yours forever.
I want to spend every night holding you so close and lovingly,
I want to spend eternity free from fear and insecurities
as I serve my precious Queen fulfilling all of your
hopes and dreams in every way I can and giving
all the love that you have forever deserved.
I'm dreaming of my sweet precious Queen
and holding you while we kiss so very sweet.
I'm dreaming of holding you this whole night through
because you are my only one and everything.

So as I dream sweet one of you curled up within my arms
and holding each other the whole night just spending time
I send to you these sweet deep passionate kisses so divine
with the biggest hugs to wrap you up and warm you through.
I love you dear and always dream of being hand in hand
within each others arms sharing life with all its gifts,
supporting each other through this worlds trip
and then spend the afterlife as two Angels in true love
journeying in happiness through the stars in epic cosmic joy.
I'm dreaming dear of holding you and can't wait
till that time is really here.

by Michael P. McParland

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