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Hole In My Heart
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Hole In My Heart

Poem By Kevyn Whitehead

There's a place in me where it's void,
Nothing occupies this space.
This place is reserved for one thing i can't find.
That thing I can't find is love.

If only someone out there could fill this place.
Then I can say there's no hole in my heart.
But as I live on I relize one thing.
That there is no one for me.

I am but a seed that will never bloom,
I am but a sea of sadness and sorrow,
I am but a plague of pain and grief,
I am but death that's all I need.

At last I am never free,
Never free to see the beautifull seas,
Never free to see those magnificent seeds,
Never free always me with pain and grief.

Everyday it gets bigger,
Everyday I shall suffer,
Everyday I shall weap in sorrow,
Everyday will end with today.

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