Hole In My Soul

Loneliness is such a drag
When you've lost everything you ever had

I treated you like a queen
but i guess it wasn't enough

What i felt
What i've known
Seems to melt
I guess we all have our own tone

My heart is in peices
Wonderful peices
Dreadful peices

Never shined
I'm always blind
I was always kind
To you beings

A little me
A little you
We made a great two

Never free
Never me
Never here
Never fear

My words flow into your mind
Waterfall my life into beautiful shine
Make my days

Only you can change my world
Broken light
Into what i thought was right

Looks like we made a tumble
But we've seemed to fumble
Loosing grip of reality
I can't even keep my sanity

Take me away
Take my heart everyday

Look at my soul
And tell me what you see
Is there a hole?
Tell me what you see
Did you see me?
Tell me what you see
Did you actually want to be with me?

This is killing me
Killing me forever
Just say never

Your still in my head
Theres nothing more i can shed

Insane is how i feel
I was only trying to be real
But i guess that wasn't the deal

by Mitchell Capriotti

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