Poem By Tia Barr

i thought i would always have you here for me,
i was wrong so wrong to think you'd be.
what do i do now i gave all of my love to you,
i never thought that it would all fall through.
it has been so long since i have felt your love,
you turned to stone, something i'm undeserving of
i have lost all the feelings in my heart and soul,
and now all thats left is this empty hole.

I took a risk i walked that line,
you took it too it was yours and mine.
we kept it hidden for far too long,
we kept that connection oh so strong.
and then all of the sudden it was taken away,
i never thought i'd see the day
when you would rip my heart out and take that stroll,
and leave me here with this empty hole.

i still care about you, you told me once
and i tried and tried to show acceptence
to your brand new life in a far away place
and now you say you need your space
how does that make sense, i get it now
you kept me around until i didnt know how
to hold on anymore through all of your games
and now i guess it is me i blame

so now i am done with you i am taking control
and when you realize what you've lost, you'll fall down that hole.

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