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JN ((1969 -) / England)


Poem By J.L. Nash

Two months of a house guest
and on the first day of sailing I am robbed
twice…and kissed … and somehow
my grin has healed
over, made a new skin for
the old holes I had been avoiding
and now I don’t have to avoid
I fall into holes
and let’s face it I have been
into holes for years and it’s
part of the reason why I live
here less holes in the pavement
no pavement
no holes in the road except holes
in the bottom of my shoes
but it’s warm and I don’t notice

There’s a hole in my balcony floor
I keep a piece of wood over it
to hide it
to stop me falling through
it’s about 15 ft above the ground
That’s a long way to fall
I think I fell last night
into one of the holes
because I’d had enough
enough to drink
enough to smoke
enough shit to last me until next Sunday
evening and that is when the memory of last night
will be set aside
and another hole will appear in
the side of a picture or
the edge of a story and it will
open up for me to fall into

I think I must have taken my shovel
with me last night when I was robbed
the second time
I dug myself in deep
and that is where I find myself
this morning but at least the hole is
big and I just have to perfect my style
of falling
Judo is too problematic
I mean I could break my arm
Falling in love takes away sight
and horses might hurt too
and I do know how to get out
but at time I
wish I didn’t so I could
stay at the bottom of the
hole you know the one I fell into

I fell into the lagoon again yesterday
afternoon it’s always a good sign
I visit the lagoon each time I am drunk
In the same way stumbling
and last night I stumbled
when I declared intention
Showed my hand too early?
Probably but I love the inflation
of odds because now
it really makes me want
to climb out of the holes

Shit did I just announce a hole
to fall into? (quick check
the previous stanza) yes
I did
I must be losing it
fast no
Just the odd pair of footwear
here and there
generally in holes

Hold up there is something
you left behind
after you dug the last pit
and I’m not discussing the one
I created myself yesterday
but you did leave something behind
and I did have it in the corner box
on the sink shelf in my bathroom
and here it is but don’t think it can be got
because I’m only giving it back
when you stop making those holes
You know not all of them
just the ones that have my name

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