Holiday In Corfu

I read a book, a book that's true,
And somehow I remembered you,
So I left my home, and by night I flew,
Three thousand miles, to be with you. Sunrise in Corfu...
Emerald Island in the sun,
Your new day, has just begun,
As morning breaks and day begins,
Your many birds, begin to sing.
The creeping insects, run and hide,
They've been so busy throughout the night,
You can take a solitary stroll at dawn,
And you may think you're alone,
But, as you look round at all the beauty,
You'll notice many tall trees
Stand, like guards on duty.
Isle of the Ionian Seas,
Your waters, ripple gently in the breeze,
But sometimes you get stormy showers,
When it rains and rains, for hours and hours,
Then loud and mighty thunder roars,
And lightening, flashes across your shores.

by Julia Ann Holliday

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