(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)


Revelation came in time a month
A month of cheer, smear and jolly good year

A month of money
A month without honey
A worldly month as true can be
A stepping-stone of future to be

An insight a vision of what to come
The lifequest a pity
A grind and a wind,
Just to be a hollow you find

You wrack your mind, your will, your self
You earn your money, you buy your worth
You wrack your mind, you find your worth
Collect your due, you darker in hue
A timeless quest to be the best
Become a man,
Money not, never can

You yearn for substance, to peace your heart
To fill the gap ever broken apart
You pour the money the stature the friend
The drink the love it all can not mend

Where’s the peace it was when young?
Secure and calm,
When all was as sung

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O my! Francois, it's as if you observe through my eyes and your words, as if it were my own! I love your outlook on life!