Hollow Reflection

She smiles just like me,
this girl in the mirror
only I am not smiling
and she's a little thinner

Her eyes sparkle silently
mine are dull and hollow
I shake violently
and drown in my own sorrow

She could rule the world
with a flick of her tongue
I need to be held
away from my life I'd run

This image seems familiar
of the structure I once had
its all so peculiar
could it really be that bad?

Yes, I do remember
Ever so vaguely
How could I forget her
This girl I used to be

by Tracy Souter

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Time changes all of us but a deep regret takes a firm place at the back of the mind of the times lost..If I could go back to the chirpy girl that i was i would do it happily..Thanks for taking me down the lane.