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Holy Coincidence
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Holy Coincidence

Just saying
When you're hearing the same thing
Everyone is talking about identity
What it mean to be me
To be who God us to be
It's like God is trying to bring up that issue
The thing I've hidden beneath my skin, hid deep within the tissue
The thing I've tried to run from my whole life, if you can call it that
The thing I've compartmentalized
The lies I crystallized
I thought it was over, I thought it wasn't important what made me, me
Why does it matter when I'm evil, when God sees who I can be
What part of me is good, what parts evil, is there any good
Can anything good come from this, don't you see it
Don't you see the overwhelming darkness, heartless pit
Maybe that is not what I should
Think or see, but how could I not? Did I not earn
The hatred that I have come to yearn
For, to not be able to imagine life without, and not imagine life at all
I thought we were done, I thought I could just forget
Just saying

Why is everyone talking to me about this?
Why are the passage I'm reading, the books I'm reading
The discussions I'm hearing, why this and why that
Why here and why not
Why, why, why
If it wasn't important then why
Could this just be coincidence?
Could it be pure randomness?
I do not know
If even close to coincidence I see God is trying to do something
Through me
To me
For me
This feels
This seems
This appears
Because it's me
I don't want to know about this identity
But I guess You won't let me forget
I guess I can't really say it's coincidence it's You speaking to me
But if in any it is, let me tell you
That's one freaking
Holy coincidence

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