Holy Lord

There is a tear Lord that
Drop from my eye,

There is a tear Lord that
Drop from my eye

Guide me Lord through
This maze of confusion

I know you are the all
Mighty God

And will see me through

Slashing of the lightning

The angry roar of the

Nothing falls short of your
Word you speak

My bit of faith call out
With a tearful plea

From my sorrow and pain

I asked in your loving name

To walk with me, carry me

Through this old sinful

“And Lord, Oh, Lord”

Oh my dearest Lord

Carry me

Over those time’s of trouble

Fill me full of your word to

Keep me holy both night
And day

Dry these sorrowful tears

And let them be tears of joy

Oh, my Lord make me

Oh my Lord, Oh my Lord

Guide me through this sinful

Let me sing the love of our father

And speak your word

I will keep your commandments
Written in my heart

Where I can always have them
Near to not be
Forgotten in my daily duty

Just hold me Lord in your net
Of safety

Oh my Lord, You are truly to
Be praised..

by Carolyn Sears

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Written for my encouragement.