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Holy Paradox
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Holy Paradox

</>It's one of the most important things
The the kind of word that rings
In your ears, that seems to be the opposite of sense


They seem like such nonsense
In fact I used to take offense
At their confusing nature
There appears to be no cure
For their contradicting and infectious creed
Their polluting and illogical seed
But then I realized that I've been blind
Yes blind, yes even this whole time
There was one paradox I just refused to see
One paradox that would come to define me

Holy paradox
Righteous sinner
Righteousness is the absence of sin
Sin is the absence of righteousness
So which one will win?

So when you confess
Jesus died for sin
He rose again so that it'd never win
But sin is inside us
It grows and festers like a pus
Our hearts are evil
We can't deny
Jeremiah 17: 9
Our heart will remain evil, yes remain until
That day when we see Him as He is
That day when we fully become His
But this is

The Holy Paradox

I'm a righteous sinner
Washed by the blood of grace
Sinner that even punishment does not deter
Righteous son of the living God, beloved who will see God's face

So I come back to the same conclusion
It's the things that we don't understand that give us purpose
It's the paradoxes, it's the unseen that defines the seen, that defines us
How could you have an evil heart and be righteous? Contradiction?
How could one God be three persons in One?
How could this God love us enough to give up His Son?
How could God know the future, and yet give us free choice?
How could God be loving and be the Holy Judge? But rejoice!
Even these things we don't fully comprehend
Are the binding fabric does transcend
Our undestanding
But binds us together nonetheless
That gives us our identity, so bless
The Source, bless God righteous, holy and fully comprehending

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