Holy06 Next Level Gamer

I slay my enemies on these joysticks,
like a gum to a penny,
I always found the sweet left center,
(Holy06 this is my season)

I start it off as youngster, put my name to street,
and spreading out like a veteran,
20 years in game let the experience bring the pain to the flames,
now im braching off to bigger and better things,

I put the alpha in the game,
or you can ask your local sergant to point out my name,
Talking about juice; well let me hit you with the punch line
fill it up boys death angel style...

No dissing to be in detenation but,
you know i did get missing,
like a ghost, and these suppose to be homework problems,
I seen the problem before it address, So rest.

Like a fountain to a waterfall im not sitting,
wait for the rain to be contain like the game,
im planning the game...

P.A.L.P cause im ready 4 the world and worst grip then shang shaun,
so rest your beloved it soul and enjoy,
resurrection of somethig like a phoenix now close the zone,

So please look in the book of history,
as holyo6 one of the best gamer to hold it,
and like a ghost the name will never be mitching,
trust what's been writtening

Holy06 The Ghost Is Here...
what is top nine percent a rumor or legend just pen to a paper?
sa mech mu sa rachel...
thanks for the visit it....
and be bless...

by Louis Borgo

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