! Homage To A Not Unknown Poet

Straightway - it's the tone.
Even; quiet but clear; is it writing, or is it talking?
As if to family: you're being filled in
on what happened yesterday or last week;

by Michael Shepherd Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

Love the poem. Thanks. Amicalement votre Ronberge.
Hello Michael, How did I miss this gem? You have a wonderful style of writing and this one is no different - very nice, enjoyable to read and ponder who the poet must be to deserve such a lovely tribute. Hugs, CJ
this haiku inspired by your lines: separation/the word he avoided so long/come out with full effect
Michael, Always good to know you will have incredibly good work for us. Rusty
Well written, nice refreshing style too.
An absolute pleasure to read....
How lovely, so lovely: -)