Hombre Di Arana O Irene''

Poem By David S Harkins

As Spiderman says in Spiderman dos,
'What you want most in life, you can't have, '
So, vivo a mi hijos, seems to be but my loss,
And from this day forward I will seek my Lord,
All the rest of the days I am given,
Until I meet The Holy One in Heaven.

If Irene' I seek in this world only,
Of all men I will be most lonely,
So as I bound onto the mark,
I'll sing His praise until in an ark,
He carries me to The New World,
Where there is no i pino for the 'lost.'

As my life swiftly passes by,
May I see them again, I to eye,
And may my special friend, Irene,
Understand why;
And be a true friend to me, so I can laugh and not cry.

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