A place not where your family is.
Nor, where spent your childhood.

Rather a place, where you feel safe.
A million miles away.
Resting your head, with a smile on your face.

Happy, are your thoughts.
As you stroll down your neighbour hood.
It could be temporary, maybe permanent.

Home, take it where ever you might go.
Live life with a sense of self-love.
Good things will follow.

Strange faces, in strange places.
Don’t let them scare you.
Rather embrace them with an open mind.

Walk with a smile, people will notice.
Maybe even the love of your life.

Carrying home on your sleeve.
Making you shine, a little brighter then the rest.
Your biggest dreams you will achieve.

Never forgetting your roots,
but don’t let your roots, hold you back.
Home is where you make it.

Home is a place where you feel safe.

by Brett Roberts

Comments (2)

nice, nice poem. well done
LOVE IT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I love the thought of home is were ever you are, I like it! ! !