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I have a beautiful home for my soul,
The streets are paved with pure gold.
Songs waft upon the breeze,
And echo through the holy trees.
There's no pain or sadness here,
No darkness, sickness, sin or fear.
Love and peace here abound,
And rejoicing when another is found.
There's an eternal feast, and music heard,
And stories from His Holy Word.
All know as they were known,
And have a mansion of their own.
They serve the One that sits on high,
The One that sent His Son to die.
They gather 'round His blessed throne,
And praise His name for mercy shown.
Crowns lay at Jesus' feet,
A reminder of earthly service complete.
This home is called heaven and paradise,
It's the haven of rest for the wise.
Sound too good? Believe me, it's true,
Because Jesus died and rose for you.
Please accept this gift today,
And come home to heaven for an eternal stay.

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