A thin layer of atmosphere
sparkles blue
with wispy insubstantial
fluffy clouds drifting by
jagged snow capped mountains
reaching up to touch so high
and provide a starting place
for gentle streams of purity
to pour out onto fertile plains
that thinly lie
on sleeping bedrock
beneath all our feet
and traversing by
meeting deep oceans
that still secrets keep.

Sparkling ice caps shine
resplendently in summer sun
waiting for the long night
when winter's come
life lays waiting
in the dessert sand
for the rains that seldom
visit arid land
and delicately poised
on favoured ground
the animals roam
with such graceful sight and sound.

The stars and moon
keep vigil through the night
whilst man with reason
blinded by his plight
makes a ravaged landscape
to meet his greed
and fights wars that scar
both planet and himself
through thoughts
so limited in scope
that he forgets his place
in the vast magnificence
that is home
to all this human race.

by David Taylor

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Home indeed! But for how much longer? You've delighted me with these verses, David. You have opened your eyes and seen more than most, and put those findings into words so eloquently. Top marks. Love, Fran xx