Home After Prison

Again and again
The prisoner went
And came out of prison
He solved a lot of problems
Staying in prison.

The last time
He went and came back
It shocked his co-prisoner
That on their way home
He had stolen the prisoner uniform
Which wore as If he was
Still in prison.

At home he claimed someone
Else's farm and harvested it
Before the very presence of its owner.
The owner took him to court
But he won claiming the portion
That was grown with weeds
While he was in prison
From the proud owner of
Three labour intensive wives.

For being a liar, a thief and a chief
Of negativity, no one shone like him
Except that the adjoining communities
Feared him for his oftentimes confrontation
And kept away from the land border
Giving advantage to his own community.

One day
He stole a bunch of plantain
In his village which he cut
And sold to a woman
On a market day
But the smart owner took
The stalk and matched
And identified his plantain
In the market and that is how
Again the prison became
A home again to the prisoner.

by Tony Adah

Comments (2)

A fantastic story, antagonist, thy prisoner..is very interesting and resembles with the many, A prison is a prisoner make..Habit is the chief movement here on this poem lovely like your write thank you
smart owner look, I like it, thanks.