Home Alone, Prose Not A Poem

Carbon Monoxide a colorless odorless gas,
A compound of carbon due to inadequate supply of Oxygen,
It is highly combustible and one of the two of the water gas,
The other is Hydrogen also combustible.

It's homes are water underground tanks,
Wells and man holes,
And even our bed room with closed windows and doors,
The Split Air conditioner cools and circulates imprisoned air of the room,
Gradually Oxygen is decreased and Carbon Dioxide is increased,
But distributors say, not a luxury at all.

And in such an environment if anything is continuously heated,
Due to scarcity of Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide is produced,
Being colorless and odorless, not felt at all,
It destroys hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin a gauge of your health,
That absorbs Oxygen and carries it to heart,
A survey shows it is low in middle class,
Middle class that makes the trends and brings revolutions!

by Akhtar Jawad

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I have seen so many times, my son sleeping on bed with the lap top on! Oh, I never knew this could be so dangerous! Thank you for passing this information! Definitely you deserve to be congratulated Akhtarji for this life saving warning!
Carbon monoxide is very dangerous when there is fire in a house and we try to break the door then CO is reacting with outside Oxygen and it acts as putting oil or inflammable .and part when kerosene is burnt in a room then when stove is off, it releases CO..n a closed room it act like poison and many died nice text of course thanks
Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.
Thank you very much for this informative piece - raising an important awareness. I will share this sad information as much as I can. It could very well save someone's life.
A nice write that increased my knowledge.
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