Home Alone Utopia

I am feeling rather tired,
so I'll lay in bed till noon.
To stay in bed till lunch time,
is really quite a boon.
Everyone will be at work,
and I'll be 'Home Alone'
I can play my Hi Fi very loud,
and the neighbours won't moan.
I like to play loud music,
and get into the 'Rhythm and Beat!
It's nice that my friends can hear it,
at the other end of the street.
When I get fed up with the music,
it's time to make tea.
This is when I start to settle down,
and put my feet on the 'Settee'
I view the afternoon telly,
and watch the afternoon soap,
I can do this as a part -time job,
It's not so hard to cope.
This is when I fall asleep,
until everyone comes home.
Then my parents have a go,
because I'm always on the phone.
Mum gets very busy,
when she cooks the evening tea.
I too get very busy,
and out the door I flee.
The sound of washing up,
makes me feel sick inside,
so out the door I go
to seek a place to hide.
When I go to a Disco,
I like to stay all night,
sometimes I stroll home,
when the sun is shining bright.
I crawl into my bed,
which is my only Salvation,
and there I will stay
until my Resurrection.
This is how I live,
I am my own Creator,
but what I can't understand,
is why I'm called, a selfish Couch Potato.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (3)

Sounds like the good life to me, Sylvia, live it up now. Love Ernestine XXX
Glad you dug this one up.Potato! No! Something much better here unearthed.love Duncan
Well done Sylvia, this really made me smile, I can even remember my daughters being like this many moons ago.