Home And Love

Heaven of my enjoyment is -HOME,
Why to move aimlessly? Why to roam?
Life of vulgarity ends, if ye -LOVE,
Love and home- makes a nest of -DOVE

©2014 Aftab Alam Khursheed. All rights reserved

by Aftab Alam

Comments (5)

Great message in just four lines, nicely structured, thanks for the share :)
.this is four lines poem ending with four letters and 1st and 3rd line is expanded- HOME and LOVE, Heaven of my enjoyment and life of vulgarity ends thank you CP and SA and MM
Very unique, thanks for sharing Aftab
A four lines poem It's rather unique Four letters for Home Four letters for Roam Four letters for LOVE Four letters for DOVE Well done, Aftab!
Yes you are true the home where there is love in between each other among family members is really like heaven. This is the wonderful nest of Dove. Very nice poem.