Home, Can We Build

The night calls out feelings so deep
Pictures fade when winds blew clouds
The stars glitter to paint smiles
And the moon write tales of the night
Blown into thoughts, fragile mind stands on crest
Exploding in paintings of valueless tags
Eyes like globes to lit bright moods
For a heart to catch shooting stars when they fall

The twilight sings out mysterious verses
For the world beneath boils like lava within
Time ticks to its eruption
And it unfolds like process of pollination
To bear petals of divine fragrances
Soothing the smell to pride
To build a stand from torn desires

Mosquitoes sing devilish tunes
Ears hear and pity the exposed flesh
The break of dawn ignites a spark of fresh breath
In time, to exalt from yesterday's fall
To write beautiful wings of butterflies in space
And forget the larva's stories and leaves
Before pupa hatches to such a glory in the sky

Can these visions then land on rocks,
Save a child in fear and anger
To help a boy to be a different man
And treat a sister with respect
Or are they just fading whirlwinds
Destroying even walls trying to build themselves?

Horizons never mark the end
They are just heavens of seeing eyes
Behind valleys, still are villages to settle
Can they be homes where simplicity bears pure joy?
Home, can we build
A fortress from trees of thorns
Where there's laughter more

by Ndina Kamaro Muofhe

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