What Is Happiness

Poem By Ofero Basbas

Familiar smiles....some known faces
Childhood memories...long summer races

A yellow little bird... its tune I knew
Will take me to the place where I grew

My vagabond heart needs to rest
After years...I'm returning to nest

A hometown boy returning home
I've been to Acapulco...and been to Rome

I hope to see my childhood friend
The wooden horse, my wish stallion...comprehend?

Sun kissed houses
Neat little places

Childhood memories
Some known faces

I pass by the brook, and there it stands
Miles of meadow, the outlands

Every single blade of grass
Was waiting for me... I too was!

Sorry, grass... but I can’t stop
My home’s calling, from hill top

Home again, I’m happy to be
Here I’ll rest till eternity!

Comments about What Is Happiness

That indeed is the greatness of home-coming!
Yes it is always great to return home once again after being gone for a long while. this is a wonderful write thank you for sharing it with us. Scott

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