Why Would We Care Now?

When each of our three children were born...we celebrated the day...

Back then, we didn't care...
if they were bi
or straight
or gay.

We only cared they were alive...had all their body parts...
that they were breathing on their own...and came with healthy hearts.

And each time we were blessed...three healthy children came our way

And today, we still don't care...
if they are bi
or straight
or gay.

We only care that they are close to us...that in their lives...we play a part
that they all have gentle souls...and kindness in their hearts

The reason is quite simple...and to this we both avow

If we didn't care when they were born...

Why...would we care now?

by Jim Yerman

Comments (5)

my wife came from a large family, and grand ma had 11 kids and their way 6 in my family, so i can relate to this wonderful piece of poetry, the only thing i have read 3 of your poems so far, all a ten, but some one out there is giving you a low rating, do may no attention to that, your are a fine poet.
i can relate as i come from a large family. good one linda.
Hey Lind, you sure know how to kill a girl's mood, don't you? : -) Your imagery is second to none. Life is sad as you say here, Lind, which is why it's important, in my view, to show it your middle finger and enjoy love while you've got it. Warmly, Gina.
What a terribly frigntening picture of life/death, inside/outside, summer/winter. I feel the chill of the falling leaves, and, having lost loved ones, I felt the albumn pages close around me.
'The gathering family throws shadows around us, ...' Excellent poem. I enjoy how you paint pictures with words, Linda. My warmest regards, CJ