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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Her mum and dad brought her to Australia
When she was two years old in seventy two
And you'd never know she once came from Ireland
As she speak and act as all Queenslanders do.

Her hair is brown she has a deep suntan
A lovely lady with a cheerful way
She swims each morning before she go to work
And sun bathe for at least an hour each day.

It's warm by the sea at Noosa Heads
Up north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast
It's sunshine nearly twelve months of the year
And twenty days of rainfall at the most.

You'd never know she once came from Ringsend
Of Ireland in her I can see no trace
And I'm sure if she went to Dublin now
From where she came from she'd feel out of place.

She asked me are the Irish winters cold
As cold and wet as other people say?
I said the winter can be cold and wet
But weather warms in early days of May.

I asked her would she like to go back home?
Why home she said is Noosa Heads to me
And if I went to Dublin I know well
That I would feel like a fish out of sea.

Home is where the heart is it's been said
And with those words how can one disagree
And she's an Aussie of the Sunshine Coast
And she loves Noosa Heads, the sun and sea.

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