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Home Makers

Little would you remember those days
When they’ve been patient with you,
When they were victims of your anger,
As an adamant little one and now too.

Each time you were down with flu
By your side, they were, all night through
Forgetting what ails them
Still they move on, for whom, but you.

They could grow older with every day
But their love for you would never go grey
That tie remains – firm as a block of stone
Even when away you go – leaving them alone.

For al they have done is their pay
A shattered home and a broken heart
With not a roof under which to stay
They now of an orphanage are a part.

With the clock, as every heart ticks away
It won’t be long such things come your way
When blind you become in your rush to fame
To them – your own – who gave you a name..

Money is not only what life should see
Happiness, love and care there should always be
With respect and affection when them you’ll treat.
Your home will turn into one ever sweet.

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What you preach one should practice. This is hundred percent true.