Home On 36 Hour Leave Isn'T Long Enough

The sun begins to set
and you are by my side
We walk along in the sand
holding each other hand

There's barely a breeze
on this beautiful night
Our love grabs my heart
glad we're finally not apart

Rarely are we together,
your job takes your far from home
takes to another country to fight
for what you believe is right

Holding my face up
caressing my cheek
your eyes meet mine
you taste so fine

The night is filled with love
36 hours isn't nearly enough
knowing you may never come back
you're a soldier fighting in Iraq

It aches me to know
tomorrow you'll be gone
you'll pack up your bags
carry with you an American flag

You'll kiss our kids goodbye
Grab me and hold me tight
You'll kiss me for a while
but then leave without a smile

When you pick up your bags
you won't say a word
and you'll open the door
then close it once more

by G00dy2 Shoes

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This is a great poem. I'm sure your husband will come home safe! !