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Home Once More
SA (28/01/1954 / East Sussex, England)

Home Once More

She drifted in with the mist
As if kissed by the air
Floating there in the half light
Blessed by time and the sight of home.
She had wandered alone for so long
Now the joyful song of soft waves lapping
Tickling and slapping a sandy beach
Came within reach like a sweet melody.
Birds in all guises colours and sizes
Fell in to guide her and deliver her safely
This rich lady with sweet form flowing
Graciously growing as she neared her shore,
Home once more.

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Comments (2)

A lovely poem. Well done! I agree with what Herbert writes about it. Music to the ears...
You have a beautiful music with lots of internal rhymes, assonance, etc. Your poem is practically a textbook of internal music! Helps me! Mostly, I feel they work very well, and the images are very subtle and sweet. I have a little trouble with the 'rich lady' line, it doesn't seem quite as elegant as the rest.