Home, Quite Alone...

Poem By Esther Leclerc

My family drove off mere hours ago
to visit Grandma on her birthday,
thus I am home and quite all alone.

First thing I undertook post-farewell
was doff my duds down to the undies,
hotter, t'was, than Homer Simpson's hell.

Ne'er may I dance to song as I please - -
tho' the spirit may often move me,
for my kin fling up arms, shriek and tease.

My feet like to dance, so, dance I did,
with the family van well out of view.
Sometimes you must blindly trust your id!

I danced like a fiend, singing along,
as graceful as Elaine on 'Seinfeld',
free as a bird both in movement and song...

at last,
I realized - -
a mite
too late

in my half-

I'd undressed
while still
in front




SOB (to say the least, eh?)

I fell dumbly to my knees,
clothes GONE from the grass!
Finding the door securely locked,
I spontaneously combusted into ash h h..........

Not really...
I'm hiding beneath
the deck until their
return in days three

using heretofore
unknown mental
powers to post this
poem on PH with glee!

So what - -


Comments about Home, Quite Alone...

lol! ! ! ! love that moment of release followed by sudden realisation that perhaps it wasn't the time or place after all lol! Moyax
Hysterical tale Esther! - a moment of footloose freedom expertly told! Love the way you made the words dance too. Justine
Well, Esther, this made me laugh aloud. I refuse to believe the 'Elaine' bit - you're obviously a ballerina. The rest - eh, I'm sure every word is true. So, were the police involved? - Will
LOL....You wild girl! ! ! What a wicked imagination you have! You inspire me! ! Hugs, Dee
Hee hee hee! You funny, funny woman. Hugs Anna xxx

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