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Home's Not Always Sweet

Never feeling like i do anything right and ending every day with another stupid fight. i want to do real good and i try to do my best. but nomatter how hard i try, i'm always below the rest. i try to talk it out and i try to catch my cool. but things start to get worse once i get to school. i take a deep breath and try to count to ten. but all i end up doing is getting mad all over again. i go to my room so i can be alone. but i still think that hell is a place called home.

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its so terrible that there are so many poeple in this world that feel this way....****VERY NICE*****
very tence, and so sad as in todays world, we hear more and more of this.. Your feelings show much sadness yet you have a desire for something better, which is alot more than some do..... Bless you and bless you for writting this.... Keep up.. Bonnie Collins