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'Home-Sick Blues'

Rushing in to work from a long night stay. Spend all my money just to get away. How am I to survive? Such a crazy way to stay alive. It's like I was born with a ball and chain, trying to convince myself that I'm not insane. This moutain's to high to climb, I keep running out of time. I got the home sick blues running down to my feet. I need some shade from this desert heat. How am I to survive? It takes all I can just to stay alive. Home sick blues, more bad news, bills are stacking way to high. Body's acking, hands are shackin. Storms are brewing in the southern sky. Something's got to change, something's got to break, something's got to happen, something's got to take.

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A great poem, Mike! I can see it as a song, easily. I love the way you have the 'something's got tos' repeating as they do...sort of like a Mantra..a positive outlook...just knowing things will get better. Very solid and emotive and well expressed. Julie