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.home Sweet Home
NS (12-01-1972 / New Delhi)

.home Sweet Home

A sea of defunct toys
Canvas of walls smeared
with colors of joy;
patterns of art;
Designs, that god only can understand

Love filled books, can't confine
themselves to shelves, pop
out every now and then,
Rest on pillow.

Clothes say - hey, in that
ugly closet who wants to stay!
slippers not far behind
stay on standby all the time
little princess may need them

Love finds itself
sprinkled everywhere
in wet hands on the wall,
in larger than life footprints
on invisible floor.
chocolate stained sofa too
smiles at you.

The pen runs out of ink
every time you need it.
Blank pages of my diary
are history too....

Coins from my wallet, attached
by the piggy bank, that has
mortgaged the doll's house.
Happily the barbie pays back
Installment by installment
Love, that has gone into
making her home up.

Out in the balcony
arm chairs sit alone through
the day, waiting for the next
morning tea; when the lazy love
shall float around them, amidst the
rain sprinkles.

sweet nothings
yet form foundations.

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Comments (40)

hey, after reading this poem, i will surely stop scolding my kids for the chaos they create....you saw beauty in the chaos...no maybe your love did....it requires a great poet and a wonderful father to pen these lines....its a really wonderful piece of poetic cuteness.
wow...it touched my heart..realli lyk da way u write
Nice poem! there's nothing like having kids in the house. I have 2 but they're both adults now, and i miss the sound of kids' laughter in the house. More Power!
dear nikunj......it is great to have children in the house, and all that in the poem is so true.mine are adults now but i still loved the pandamonium they created! great write with lots of feelings. ritty
You have described the perfect home in which a child can just be his/her self. Let them be who they are without restrictions. The dollhouse and princess brings forth such wonderful images. The voice of a true writer and loving father! '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn
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