GO (MArch 9th 1983 / Georgetown Guyana)

Home Sweet Home

It's cold outside yet it aint winter
the streets are hungry, it's way past dinner
corners being hugged but there aint no love
a white bird is sold and it aint no dove
silence before the storm, then it's raining lead
prey in this jungle but we all wanna be fed
pavements stained a red no bleach can get out
mothers and kids scatter when they hear an eagle shout
in these places where the heat makes it all year summer
grown men cry out when unable to stop the hunger
yet some call it home from sewer to sewer, gutter to gutter
this place where jackals bite at the slightest stutter
once in awhile peace outshines the sun tho
and grumbling stomaches no longer knead the dough
block parties and water fights are all the haps
and lioness' braid the hairs of lions in their laps
sadly the seasons must change and winters always worst
as the lion emerges from it's den eager to quench the thirst
the concrete jungle teams with life so easily ended
but under the surface is a world that can be so splendid

by GodBody O.G

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