My Own

My tears were never,
pearls for them
-which they would never dare to loose-
they were more like rain...
they wait for rain,
unless it was excess,
from which they would never gain.

My sadness was never,
hell for them
-which no one would dare to bare-
it was more like heaven...
they would want to go to heaven,
when the time comes,
for which they never wait.

How i described tears and sadness,
is nothing meaningful now,
it is useless to even think,
that my description sounded WOW!

by simran sanganeria

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Comments (4)

i have a question which place has the poet compared to home
I love this poem when i read this
The words are heart rending and no translation in any language can do it any justice.
A great poem. Like it very much. Thank you Mr. Payne for writing such a masterpiece .