Loving Mysteries Of Nature

Somnolent thoughts sitting around, watching what happens
in life, softly touching with an energetic beauty, and
unfolding into the outskirts of my mind.

Looking to nature, seeing every detail so clearly, noticing
so many things that most people will miss as they pass
through life.

Loving to see mysteries of nature, keeping them so close
to sight, intellect and imagination, writing incessantly
from this wonderful repertoire.

Vocabulary and it's meanings showing ways to arrange them
all, bringing enlightenment to the world through poetry.

Slipping knowledge and wisdom beneath many pages written
for others to see.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (4)

i have a question which place has the poet compared to home
I love this poem when i read this
The words are heart rending and no translation in any language can do it any justice.
A great poem. Like it very much. Thank you Mr. Payne for writing such a masterpiece .