MN (07 July 1972 / )

Home Sweet Treasure Home

A place to call your own and raise your kids
it's a wealth of treasure, investment and we all know it is
no one can live from rent to rent
why give your money away, all your money spent
own a piece of America, own your property
save for the future, soon you'll be out of poverty
home sweet home, a place you'll always treasure
brings you close and brings you all your pleasure
raise your kids, family and your pets like a bird's nest
home is where love, warmth, and comfort everyone should invest
day after day, believe in your dream
after the darkness and bad times, find a way to stay a float in a stream
money comes and goes, time flies by us all
everyone know to buy a house and a home is always a good call
being an invester, a business owner is smart
it brings joy, and happyness to yourself and your family heart

by michael neguse

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