Home To Heaven

Intensely I remember him-my husband, soulmate, friend,
Involved we were in living life and laboring till the end;
Invigorated by one another, we multiplied our gain,
Intrigued by love and happiness we covered well our pain!
Investigation filled our lives; we searched for this and that,
Intent on treasure, we unearthed some fine ones-a glass hat;
In travelling we were never lost, for we had studied well,
Instinct told us where to look and what to keep and tell.
Immeshed in love, content in life, we celebrated much,
Ideally we found best of friends and we did keep in touch;
Illimitable efforts together, we amassed a grand estate,
Illness took him home to heaven, my late, beloved mate.

by Marjorie Kindell Watts


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