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Home With Their Trophy

The citizen band plays the local footballers the main street up and down
Home with their trophy to the old country town
For the team members many a rapturous hooray
This will live in them as a memorable day

Lining the street sidewalks the locals their flags and their buntings did wave
A memory to carry with them to their grave
On what was a huge sporting day for the town
Their young footballers had kicked their way into renown

The club players on the back of a big truck take their turns showing the trophy to the admiring crowd
An achievement for a lifetime of for them to feel proud
After many disappointments a huge victory at last
And time to put behind them a forgettable past

To the winners the glory and the bragging right
No celebrations in the town of the losing team tonight
One might say after all it was only a game
But to the winners went the trophy and the glory and the fame.

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