Homecoming Of The Prodigal Flock

Poem By Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Migratory birds roved in plenty
Through the wilderness
And thereon embarked in union
In a ship of flight with rudders

They never budged a feather
During that lengthy night
The chart-less flock had strayed
Into a field of eternal light

There in the playground of angels
And the one, that seagull*
The wedded flock drank
Under stupor and dismay

Perched on the brim of Khayyam’s bowl**
They saw an inverted sky
The twin brother be it chance or fate
Had set the dial of a conjugate flight

After many a dawn &dusk
Prodigal flight has traced again
A full and supreme circle
On the parched surface of time.

(*Referring to Jonathan Livingstone, the supreme seagull, which had transcended to an elevated state of flight and bliss, in the famous fable by Richard Bach

**In Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the sky is referred to as an inverted bowl

Comments about Homecoming Of The Prodigal Flock

i loved it.. really amazing work..and superb choice of words... thanks for sharing
a rich poem with rich words. cheers.
Dr.Salim Ali and his love to.... best wishes
i feel nature and hear the sound of it out of your poem. love it! !
A very nice piece of work! Thanks for sharing it with us. E.K.L.

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