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Homeland Insecurity
DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

Homeland Insecurity

Amidst the sea of stars doth swim,
A blue-green world so Brave and Free;
'Twas blessed by God for patriotism,
Free-trade and homeland security.

So how unjust for stone to stream,
Still undetected in the gloom,
As from a nightmare or bitter dream,
Approaching Earth with hand of doom,

BANG! - Mountains screaming,
Earth's crust palls,
Explosive and flittering,
Downwards and outwards.

Fumes compress,
Sirens knell,
Distress! Hissing,
Whispering! Wishing...

Adulation gone.
Mankind shut silent...

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We need to spend more efforts looking into space. That is where the real threat to freedom and democracy is. (not to mention existence)