AH (1996 / )


Im HOMELESS, Cuz daddys never here, Im HOMELESS, Cuz mommys nowhere near, I got nobody to love when push comes to shove and im tellin you now im homeless. Daddys right i DO have it good cuz i ain't nobody livin' in da' hood' but DAMN i DO have it bad, i got parents without havin em', I know pretty sad, Favorites and suckups, Traitors and stuckups. Look, Look around, do you see them now? there EVERYWHERE and theyll NEVER b gone and i gotta carry on so im writin this song about lil' old me bein homeless. this was NEVER my dream! So how could you say that? ! ? What do you mean? ! ? ! ? Ill tell you what i do! thier here but theyre not or maybe its just me. I wish i could say ive been livin in a dream. Theyre in a cave inside their heads and they cant get out. Theyve been consumed by the game and its still chewin' right now! I cant help to think theres still a way out. I told you im HOMELESS cuz daddys never here, Im HOMELESS cuz mommys nowhere near. im HOMELEss and i think they forgot me, its life threatening so lord please bring someone around...............better yet just adopt me.

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no one should be abandoned....no one should feel that way.....no one should have to go through such hurt.....humanity....is so inhumane.......our world is disturbing: (....and sad.....