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Homeless In The Land Of The Free
LMF ( / Stockton, CA, USA)

Homeless In The Land Of The Free

Poem By L. M. Flowers

Sleeping under bridges, sleeping under vacated work places,
Sleeping in abandoned apartment houses;
That are no longer safe for Humans.
Not just any Humans but, Americans!!
Who are these Americans?
Many would have us to believe that they are all Vagrants, "druggies" or street people
Who find this kind of life style convenient and useful. Ha, I say let that fellow find his or her own way,
They should have kept a job and paid their bills
Alas, they are part of societies ills. To many this issue is a joke,
As they laugh at the fellow who has just gone broke.
Besides, it is not our fault they say:
It's the government's problem anyway! It is not our problem that the plants are shrinking
And closing down and that many a person is homeless bound! Let the welfare offices open wide
Let the shelters give "these people" a place to run and hide..
The safety net is there for all who want it,
The system works if only you try!! So, go on out there, and lay your head down on that cold park bench,
Or curl up in some dark alley and cover your nose to avoid the stench! Now "you people" be patient and try to understand
That we don't have any easy answers near at hand.
Unfortunately, we all have to wait and see
How many more Americans will fall homeless in the land of the free!!

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