CG (10/29/1924 / Honolulu Hawaii)

Homeless Man

A Homeless Man
Today I saw a homeless man pulling a grocery cart,
Load of bottles, cans and a kitty cat.
A hard days journey in the city, collecting trash,
Both seemed content with what they had,
Although he was homeless, No signs of complaining
As to market he goes to get some cash,
Cans and bottles are necessary
to sustain his way of life.
Aug 16,2004

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A HomelessMan........really great observation the way he raves his life pulling his of burdens on the social milieu, very painful yet, thanks
A great finding...'Homeless' as for missing something material in life, however content with everything one has, fulfilled with happiness and motivation ('A kitty cat') to move forward can by can, bottle by bottle...pulling the 'grocery cart'/life's wheal.
Your words are kind and gentle about the homeless man.
I like your word picture of a homeless man. This brave soul will never know that he became the subject for a poem. I include those who have no shelter in my prayers every night.. Regards, Sandra