EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Homes For Hope.

What is more to be said?
than thousands of love words.
Thoughts invaded my head,
not knowing me really hurts.
I lose my self in you,
you who changed my life.
Alone all the way through,
come and share my strife.
If you wish not to be mine,
i'll be the one awaites you forever.
A smile lasted for a long time,
inside my heart prays we come together.
Nothing is more to be done,
than to sing you and write you poems.
My hope is never to be gone,
it grow in me and built many homes.
And nothing more i find,
but if you felt any pain over me.
If i too invaded your mind,
i offer you a heart and a remedy.
No better remedy but love i keep,
and a dream for no one but you to share.
A dream of us haunt my every sleep,
i wouldn't stop to dream of you or even dare.
I who created worlds and rainbows,
with new colours before not to be seen.
I who loves you a love that grows,
only to make of my own life a serene.
I who made for hope great homes,
all over my heart i pray for your love.
I who wrote of you uncountable poems,
all of you i dream and think of...

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