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Homesick Coastal Man

In his dreams he hears the big waves roll by his Hometown by the sea
And in the coastal park the magpie lark is calling out pee wee
And the strong smell of sea weed and kelp that on the white beach lay
He is not an outback sort of bloke his home is far away
To his Hometown in the coastal lands two hundred miles or more
Not his type of life in the outback town far from the ocean shore
He miss the surfing with his mates by the huge waves tossed to and fro
He feels homesick for the coastal town and the life he used to know
'Tis warm in the outback town close to forty degrees
And from the nearby paddocks across the streets the dust is flying in the warm afternoon breeze
The cool refreshing coastal breeze that brings temperatures down
One of the things that he miss most about his coastal town
Locally employed and with a wife and two children to support he is here for the long stay
But he miss the life he knew in his Hometown by the ocean far away.

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