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Homesick For Semaphore

From the coastal suburb near Port Adelaide she yearns for the old brown shore
And she won't be staying on here in Melbourne she will return to Semaphore
And she misses the wide beach by the ocean that stretches from Sem to Largs Bay
The dark haired one from South Australia she thinks about home every day.

From Melbourne Semaphore not that distant an eleven hours by car drive away
And 'tis possible for people to feel Homesick in their home Country home is where the heart is they say
Just twenty one on her next birthday she misses home and family
And she misses the wide and the long streets of old Semaphore by the sea.

A young woman of striking beauty she has the great Semaphore charm
And nothing to dislike about her she is likeable good natured and warm
Melbourne is too busy for her life lived there at a hectic pace
That's what she likes most about Semaphore it is such a laid back old place.

She will return to South Australia in Melbourne she will not stay
Though that may mean less job opportunities and that may mean a cut in pay
In her dreams she hears the gulls mewing on the wide beach of the old brown shore
And her future is not in Victoria for she is Homesick for Semaphore

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