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Homesick For Warrnambool

He was born and raised there and there he went to school
And he is feeling homesick for his Hometown of Warrnambool
And though he is only twenty two and at the doorstep of his prime
Two years out of Warrnambool for him seems a long time
When the magpie in the moonlight sings in the Town by the sea
And pink blossoms are blooming on the fruit bearing tree
And the whales give birth at Logan's beach in September of the Spring
And the musical grey shrike thrush all day long whistle and sing
He will return to Warrnambool to his beloved Hometown
He would prefer to be happy than pursue his dreams of renown
In the hustle and the bustle of the bigger World out there
Where you feel so much on your own and none for you do care
But he has never felt this way in his Hometown of Warrnambool
Where he has so many good friends and where he went to school.

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