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Honest Peter

I will try to tell a story as I heard the story told
About Peter who hailed from Hong Kong he was three decades old
He lived south east of Melbourne for just two years or so
And that will take us back in time to about eight years ago.

He fell in love with an Australian but she did not reciprocate
She wanted him just as a friend but not as a soul mate
And love that is not mutual can give rise to heartache
And pain of such must be quite hard so very hard to take.

And though time the healer soothed his sense of pain of loss
Peter was to find out later that life comes with more than one cross
His visa had expired and he had over stayed his stay
And a 'Judas' he had confided in gave his whereabouts away.

Betrayed by one he worked with one he trusted as good friend
By one he thought was on his side and on whom he could depend
But thought can make a fool of us and thought proved Peter wrong
And the authorities came and arrested him and sent him back to Hong Kong.

This story that was told to me and that I told to you
May seem a tale of fiction but so happen to be true
About honest Peter from Hong Kong naive in his own way
He only loved and trusted but such price he had to pay.

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