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I've never tried so hard before..
she makes me wanna do better..
she brings light into my life..
she turns my fears into love..
I thought I would never love again..
but with the sound of her voice..
and they way she spoke..
she makes me fall in love..
This is no joke.

Thats what makes her so special..
She is the only one that knows bout my past.
funny, how a short period of time,
she knows more then anyone..
and how my heart.. just Love her..
with my all... I love her..

I cant read minds..
I dont kno how she feels...
but I can tell you right now..
my love is real.
she is the one I think bout..
when I wake up in the morning..
and my last thoughts of the day..
Seems like she is all I ever need..

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Honestly... I hope that she can be all that you need. That's what you deserve. that s what anyone deserves. nice poem.